Residency Kajetánka

apartment building

location:  Kajetánka, Prague, Czech Republic
date:  spring 2008
course:  Atelier Fořtl / studio
institution:  Czech Technical University in Prague
tutors:  doc. Ing. arch. Karel Fořtl, CSc.
             Ing. arch. David Belko

Project brief:
The assignment of the studio was to design a residential building into the derelict park of the abandoned 16th century chateu Kajetánka in Prague 6. The park has a very prominent location within the city. It’s located along Patočkova Street which is an important thoroughfare connecting the inner city to the eastern part of the country.

The residency building sits in the south-western corner of the park, between the student dormitories and the small pond in the centre of the park. Firstly a basic scheme was chosen – the trapezoid – which is repeated several times in the plan. The building offers several categories of flats ranging from small studios to large apartments with huge terraces on the top floor. On the ground floor a space for a gym and two shops is designed.