Theatre Pankrác

public building

location:  Pankrác, Prague, Czech Republic
date:  spring 2009
course:  Public Building Studio
institution:  Czech Technical University in Prague
tutors:  doc. Ing. arch. Václav Aulický
             Ing. arch. Aleš Mikule, PhD.

Project brief:
The task of the studio was to design a public culture building to the Pankrác Plain called Pentagon in Prague 4.

Interest into theatre and stage technology lead into choosing theatre as the main program. After evaluating the whole “Pentagon” area, the most challenging site was chosen. It is squeezed into one corner of the Arkády shopping mall which put horizontal constraints to the design, but it’s also limited vertically by subway line right under the ground and height limitations by the city council. This is why the overall volume is tapered. The main idea was to create an open culture house with a minimum of enclosed areas which is in fact in the direct contradiction to the classical theatre so the main facade is designed glazed with automatic shading system. The building has 1 underground and 5 overground storeys. The main entrance to theatre is raised, accessed by a wavy ramp or stairs along the whole building. Visitors comming to see a show can choose between the auditorium, upper circles, loges or a lounge. The underground technical storey contains hydraulic lifts allowing both the stage and the auditorium above to be fully flexible. Also the stage portal is fully movable and the stage is extensively equiped with fly bars.
The build: