Hybrid Common Spaces 2

community centre
dance in architecture

location:  Sannegårdshamnen, Göteborg, Sweden
date:  spring 2012
course:  Urban and Architectural Laboratory / studio
institution:  Chalmers University of Technology
tutors:  Ana Betancour, Carl-Johan Vesterlund,
            Joaquim Tarrasó

The project is further development of the “Hybrid Common Spaces” project.

Project brief:
The studio considers public space as a space of the commons – a space of social interaction where resources are collectively owned or shared between or among communities’ populations. The programme aims to identify issues, and areas of future potential for urban and architectural propositions, developing strategies for specific sites and conditions. The main working tool is urban network – a series of interconnected cross-programmed spaces and architectural interventions, a hybrid combination of overlapping programmes.

The hybrid of a community center and pedestrian footbridges forms a gateway to the river restoration in Sannegårdshamnen that links to the new wetland offering meeting place to bridge “the gaps” in the neighborhood (bringing different people together).

Dance in Architecture:
They both define or manipulate and use space as the main medium for a creative interpretation. The fluid and dynamic design was created by translating movement into architecture inspired by work of Rudolph Laban. The shapes of wooden ribs are in fact phases of a dance movement. Dance and movement in general must exist in time. This factor is introduced by the interplay of light and shadow created by the ribs themselves and memory foam interior landscape where people can see footprints of previous visitors.