c² creative cluster

temporality and spatial

The competition brief offered a chance of practicing solid research in redesigning and rethinking a disused industrial park in Quarto Inferiore in Bologna, transforming it into a lively space for culture, art and public relationships.  The core of this transformation put focus on temporality and spatial custom-tailoring, a transformation that embodies contemporary living axioms.

The design is an exploration into how dynamic media and architectural qualitites can augment each other. It seeks to create conditions for an exceptional, creative and dynamic cultural environment to emerge inside the former factory. The main design method utilizes dance knowledge as an architectural tool. Human body not only occupies space but can also act as a spatial generator – creating space, subdividing it and ufolding its dimensions. The proposal is based on the notion of hypothetical and potential space. It doesn’t intend to solve and prescribe an ultimate, definitive, static spatial organisation but rather create framework to allow flexible, on-demand adaptations in time.

Spatial skeleton, a cellular-like frame structure, is built inside the factory interior leaving en exhibition void in the middle. It allows to create various purpose spaces according to the current demands and wishes of the people and tenants. As people or artists come and go or groups and start-up businesses grow or shrink, a partition system is used to create physical spatial subdivision according to the actual needs within the frame structure. This frame structure is not altering any of the existing the structure, just creating conditions for a new function.

location: Quarto Inferiore, Granarolo, Bologna, IT
competition: Space to Culture, Young Architects Competitions
year: 2014

interior-corridorA1_2129_STC 140308-plans-01 140308-plans-02 140308-plans-03office