Intangible Realty

intangible valuable moment
collaboration with Angela Woda

What opportunities are we missing to engage with the possibilities of our living spaces when we evaluate them only through the periscope of investment? Intangible Realty handled with the buying and selling of intangible valuables with the aim to start a dialogue around the gap between the numerical focus of the real-estate conversation, and the spaces we need to actually live in.

Ideal for travellers: In the thick of it! Close to transport hubs and schools! So it’s easy to make one of three yearly transits home. You always travel by plane, and it’s time to get going. ’Back to where you started, but somehow transformed, as if landing in the city made it impossible to ever return to the same place exactly as you were before.’

‘It happens early in the morning. So exciting yet way too early to be waking up. A chain of structured movement of a body through space over a short time. Feet, wheels, tunnel, rails, belt and finally air. A singular phenomenon; a unique action performed repeatedly but never the same. You are not the same.’

Angela Woda, the author of Intangile Realty, transformed the kiosk into real estate agency. Instead of showing pictures that showcase the look and layout of places of residence, valuable moments of living spaces were translated by selected artists and makers into alternative mediums such as: music, wearable objects, photography, pieces of writing, small sculptures and dance. These “apartments” then were open for inspection during the opening times, followed by the opportunity to be part of a bidding process.

Intangible Realty was presented at KIOSK during Stockholm Design Week 2016.

location: Kiosk, Mosebacke torg, Stockholm
year: 2016