creative cluster – potential space

The ‘Creative Cluster’ is a new type of a cultural institution located in a cultural void inside a derelict railway workshop, forming a major barrier within the city fabric. The idea was to create a variety of spaces for a network of creative actors that are freely adaptable to the actual situation – private, shared within the community and public area stretching outside of the building both physically and virtually. This program acts as a cue-giver for the entire area informing and influencing the rest of it on the urban scale.

The proposal works with the idea of a ‘potential space’ defined by Forsythe. Human bodies not only occupy space but can also act as spatial generators, creating space, subdividing it and ufolding its dimensions. Limbs of our bodies create spatial traces, relate to points, transform planes, etc. The proposal is an exploration into how dynamic media and architectural qualitites can augment each other.

Cellular-like wireframe structure, which allows flexible, on-demand adaptations, is built inside the existing structure. It does not alter existing, it creates conditions for new. The concept is based on subdivision of space by people, spatial points and lines. As people come and go and their companies grow and shink, they use panels to create physical spaces within the wireframe structure. Larger comapnies take more cells, smaller less. Proposal reacts to the current situation.

location: Bubny, Prague, Czech Republic
course: Master’s Thesis
institution: Chalmers University of Technology
tutors: Ana Betancour, Carl Johan Vesterlund
censor: Kris Scheerlinck
year: 2013