River and City

urban strategy – river as a public space
1st prize Young Architect Award 2011

The task was to investigate the phenomenon of the Vltava River in the inner city of Prague and design an overall strategy and elaborate several specific examples strenghtening the relationship between the river and the city.

Today, Prague is turning its back towards the river. The design strategy makes the river an integral part of the city public space, spreads various activities around it and connects public transport network. City life reaches the water surface or steps even onto.

The strategy is an intersection of several layers. The first layer refers to the lost tradition of outdoor swimming pools in Prague. The design emphasizes pedestrians creating new footbridges, abolishes parking on the riverbanks, supplements ferry lines etc. Finally, based on the reading the city character, suitable places for various activities in public space were identified.

Main points:
> connecting together the riverbanks
> improving the access to the water
> programming riverbanks and water surface
> emphasizing pedestrians
> swimming in Vltava River

location: Vltava River, Prague, Czech Republic
course: Urban Studio
institution: Czech Technical University in Prague
tutors: doc. Ing. arch. Jan Jehlík,
Ing. arch. Jana Zdráhalová, PhD.
year: 2011