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a choreographic object

“…architecture is created by human movements and is made up of pathways tracing shapes in space and these we may call ‘trace- forms’.” Rudolf Laban

Dance is a one-time phenomenon. A unique event that can be performed again but will never be the same. Dance and movement happens only right here right now.

The proposal challenes the transiency of movement. It investigates means of capturing spatial traces created by movement/dance and not only visualizing them but translating them into architectural elements and therefore freezing them in time and storing. A building, its structure, becomes what William Forsythe calls a ‘choreographic object’. A true choreographic object, a manifestation of choreographic information.  It stores information withing itself. It is made of information. The more information it stores, the bigger such structure becomes.

location: N/A
course: Master’s Thesis
institution: Chalmers University of Technology
tutors: Ana Betancour, Carl Johan Vesterlund
year: 2013